Saturday Workshops

Our Friday and Saturday workshop series offers something for everyone. You are not required to select the sessions you will attend when you register. Descriptions of the workshops will be available in our mobile app, available prior to the conference, as well as our program book, available on-site.

The registration desk will open and a continental breakfast and beverages will be available at 7am. Lunch is not included in the registration; you may purchase the conference lunch, pack your own, or take advantage of one of the two on-site restaurants.

Please note that this page is updated to reflect workshop additions and speaker cancellations as they happen. This list may not match what was listed at the time the brochure went to press.

Saturday 8:30-9:50am

Seed Growing in a Biodynamic Setting
Lia Babitch, Turtle Tree Seed

Q & A: Producing Nutrient-Dense Food
Dan Kittredge, Bionutrient Food Association

Taking Leadership Within Your Cooperative or Food Hub
Judy Chambers, Penn State Extension & Peggy Fogarty, Keystone Development Center

Forest Farming Approaches & Crop Options
Eric Burkhart, Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center & John Munsell, Virginia Tech

Planning for Growth
Julia Shanks, Julia Shanks Food Consulting

Creating Room to Flourish: Managing Interpersonal Conflict Effectively
Walt Whitmer, Penn State Extension

Liquor Laws & Regulations in Pennsylvania
Panel of Speakers

Crop Rotations for Vegetables & Cover Crops
Pam Dawling, Twin Oaks Community

Guild House Farm’s Trials in Maximizing Production on a Small-Scale Farm
Ari Rosenberg, Greensgrow Farms

Starting up a Vegetable Operation on Two Acres or Less
Justin Naylor, Old Tioga Farm

Homestead-Scale Pig Production from Piglet to Porkchop
Beth & Shawn Dougherty, The Sow’s Ear Farm & Pottery

Dairy Udder Health
Gianaclis Caldwell, Pholia Farm

Writing Your Own Story: Creative Nonfiction from the Farm
Janisse Ray, Farmer/Author/Ecologist

Diversifying Your Product List with Value-Added Grains
Heather Darby, University of Vermont

Success with Blueberries
Lee Reich, Springtown Farmden

Pastured Livestock for a Hungry World
Franklin Egan, PASA & Brooks Miller, North Mountain Pastures

Q & A: Fine Tuning & Troubleshooting Your Grazing System
Sarah Flack, Sarah Flack Consulting

Biological Pest Management for Success with Organic Tomatoes & Bell Peppers
Steve Bogash, ISP Technologies

Saturday 12:50-2:10pm

Q & A: Applying Biodynamics in Your Farm or Garden

Laura Riccardi Lyvers, BioAg Resources; Stewart Lundy, Perennial Roots Farm; Mac Mead, Pfeiffer Center

Producing Potatoes for the Wholesale Market
Nancy Schlegel, Sterman Masser, Inc.

So You’re Looking for a Loan?
Amanda Knackstedt & Hannah Masser, MidAtlantic Farm Credit

The Farm Bill is Coming! Make Your Voice Heard
Marla Larrave & Wes King, National Sustainable Ag Coalition

Value-Added Products to Expand & Diversify Your Product Line
Kim Tait, Tait Farm; Jess Seeley & Kim Seeley, Milky Way Farm; Ben Wenk, Three Springs Fruit Farm

Winning CSA Strategies Panel
Anton Burkett, Early Morning Farm; Dave Liker, Gorman Farm; Simon Huntley, Small Farm Central

Tools & Practices for Zone Tillage in Organic Vegetables
Anu Rangarajan & Ryan Maher, Cornell University – Small Farms Program

Strategies for Livestock & Irrigation Water on the Homestead or Farm
Beth & Shawn Dougherty, The Sow’s Ear Farm & Pottery

Q & A: Cheesemaking & Value-Added Dairy
Gianaclis Caldwell, Pholia Farm

If You’ve Got Livestock, You’ve Got Deadstock
Sandra Kay Miller, Painted Hand Farm

Q & A: Conversation with Our Keynoter
Gabe Brown, Brown’s Ranch

Farmers Markets in Underserved Neighborhoods: Strategies for Success
Lisa Kelly, The Food Trust & Bob Solly, Solly Brothers Farm

Pastured Poultry Nutrition & Management
Casey Trinkaus, The Fertrell Company

Keeping Records in the Field with Mobile Apps
Alex Smith, Living Hope Farm/Beetworks

Craft Distilling: Making Liquor Legally at Home
Victoria Miller, Canyon Creek Farms

Organic Sweet Corn Production & Double-Cropping Cole Crops
Will Brownback, Spiral Path Farm

Uncommonly Easy to Grow Fruits in the Food Forest
Michael Judd, Ecologia, Edible & Ecological Landscapes

Discussion Sessions

Saturday 2:20-3:20pm
These informal sessions give you an opportunity to network with fellow attendees around a variety of topics. While there will be moderators to help get the conversation going, this is your time to speak! To request or suggest additional topics, please email

Saturday 3:40-5pm

Holistic Soil Fertility Management: Feeding Your Soils for Better Crops
Dan Dalton, PASA

Cooperating for Food Safety Success
Lindsay Gilmour, Fair Food Philadelphia & Jeff Stoltzfus, Penn State University

Biodynamic Animal Husbandry
Mac Mead, The Pfeiffer Center

Increasing Beneficial Fats in Forage & Milk
Heather Darby, University of Vermont

Selling to Schools: Community Supported Agriculture
Tegan Hagy, USDA Food & Nutrition Service & Kelsey Porter, The Food Trust

Pollinator Preferred: Favorite Plants of Our Beneficial Insects
Wendy Brister, Harvey’s Gardens

Small-Scale Biogas Systems for Farm & Homestead
Bob Hamburg, Omega-Alpha Recycling Systems

Solar Water Pumping with Drip Irrigation
Bill Hennessy, Berks Solar LLC & Reuben DeMaster, Willow Haven Farm

Advantages of Growing in Sustainable, Peat-Free Soil-Less Mixes
Rick Hood, Summer Creek Farm

Q & A: Reducing Tillage for Vegetable Crops
Anu Rangarajan & Ryan Maher, Cornell University – Small Farms Programs

Hemp in Pennsylvania
Erica McBride & Geoffrey Whaling, PA Hemp Industry Council

Small-Scale Hop Production from Planning to Processing
Tess Weigand & Joshua Brock, Commonwealth Hops

Succession Planting for Continuous Vegetable Harvests
Pam Dawling, Twin Oaks Community

Creating & Sustaining a Successful Small Business
Jenn & Steve Kurian, Wild For Salmon

Hardy Kiwifruit, Better than the Fuzzies
Lee Reich, Springtown Farmden

Poultry Unplugged: Free Ranging Poultry Just about Anywhere
Victoria Redgrave Miller, Canyon Creek Farms