Future Farmers Program

The Future Farmers program is designed to educate and entertain your children while you attend the conference. Children from kindergarten to eighth grade will enjoy a wide range of activities developed to increase their understanding of local food production, nutrition, and sustainability. Programming is developed by volunteers along with PASA Staff and features some of our conference speakers, board members, and community educators. Space is limited, so register your children early. You may purchase lunch and dinner tickets for children participating in this program when registering them. More detailed information will be sent in January. Contact dan@pasafarming.org with any questions.

Full day registrations only. Parents must pick up their kids over lunch.

Sprouts (K to 2nd Grade)
Coordinated by Chatham University – Eden Hall Farm Faculty & Students

Students will explore the complexities of the farm ecosystem and how diversity on the farm makes that system more resilient in a time of transition. Through activities, speakers, and games, students will better understand what makes a healthy farm and how to make it even better. By understanding more about elements of sustainable agriculture systems, they will learn how to be better stewards of the environment and the farm ecosystem.

Seedlings (3rd to 5th Grade)
Coordinated by Penn State Student Farm Club

Students will explore how farming and the environment can exist harmoniously for the mutual benefit of each. They will explore the complex relationships that exist within ecosystems between people, plants, animals, and natural processes as well as learning how farms can become more productive and ecosystems can be improved through good stewardship.

Youth (6th to 8th Grade)
Coordinated by Penns Valley Conservation Association

Youth will spend the weekend engaging in hands-on education regarding farming for health and resiliency. They will hear from conference speakers and local experts and have an opportunity to tour the conference trade show. Through speakers and activities, students will understand the challenges and potential solutions to farming in a time of transition.

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Future Farmers