Friday Workshops

Our Friday and Saturday workshop series offers something for everyone. You are not required to select the sessions you will attend when you register. Descriptions of the workshops will be available in our mobile app, available prior to the conference, as well as our program book, available on-site.

The registration desk will open and a continental breakfast and beverages will be available at 7am. Lunch is not included in the registration; you may purchase the conference lunch, pack your own, or take advantage of one of the two on-site restaurants.

Please note that this page is updated to reflect workshop additions and speaker cancellations as they happen. This list may not match what was listed at the time the brochure went to press.

Friday 8:30-9:50am

Downy Mildews of Basil, Spinach, & Other Crops
Meg McGrath, Cornell University

Building a Small Mushroom Farm
Mark Jones, Sharondale Mushroom Farm

Climate Mitigation through Agriculture: Solutions from Project Drawdown
Mamta Mehra, Project Drawdown

All Season Biological Disease Management in Vegetable Crops
Steve Bogash, ISP Technologies

Why Is The Ship Rigged Like That? Let’s Change It.
Peter Buckland, Penn State Sustainability Institute/Ferguson Twp Supervisor

Sheep 101: Fundamentals for Success
Caroline Owens, Owens Farm

Modern, Family Farm-Scale Pastured Pork Production
Ross Duffield, Rodale Institute

Growing Opportunity: USDA Sustainable Agriculture Programs for Your Farm
Juli Obudzinski, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Organic Herd & Flock Health
Hue Karreman, Reverence Farm

Understanding Amendments & Fertilizers for Your Garden
Monica Pape, The Accidental Agronomist

Health Care Coverage & Insurance Options for Groups & Individuals
Erin Hart, American HealthCare Group

Q & A with Lindsey Shute
Lindsey Shute, National Young Farmers Coalition

The Complexity of Spray Decisions in the Healthy Orchard
Michael Phillips, Holistic Orchard Network

Regional FSMA Implementation
Lindsey Gilmour, Organic Planet LLC; Chelsea Matzen, National Farmers Union; Gary Bloss, PA Farmers Union

Using Financial Statements to Monitor Farm Performance
Chris Blanchard, Purple Pitchfork

Fermented Milk for the Lazy & Cheap: Kefir & Mesophilic Yogurt
Amanda Feifer, Phickle

Organic Snap Bean Production
Jennifer Glenister, New Morning Farm

Building a Sustainable Local Food Economy
Jeremy Bean, Pennsylvania State University

MOVED: Farmers Market Boot Camp – Survival Tips
This workshop had been moved to 12:50pm.

Friday 12:50-2:10pm

Exploring Soil Dynamics
Michael Phillips, Holistic Orchard Network

Farmers Market Boot Camp – Survival Tips
Heather Manzo, Penn State Extension & Art King, Harvest Valley Farm

Tapping Trees: Making Syrup & Sap from Maple & More
Steve Gabriel, Cornell Small Farms Program/Wellspring Forest Farm

Biostimulants & Silicon, The Next Chapters in Plant Nutrition
Steve Bogash, ISP Technologies

Kombucha Love: Make & Customize a Bottle for Next to Nothing
Amanda Feifer, Phickle

Pigs & Piglets Swine Nutrition
Jeff Mattocks, Fertrell Company

Storage Vegetables for Off-Season Sales
Pam Dawling, Twin Oaks Community

Organic Dairy Herd Health Q & A
Hue Karreman, Reverence Farm

Learning Circle: Amendments & Fertilizers on the Farm
Monica Pape, The Accidental Agronomist

Learning Circle: Let’s Troubleshoot Your Farm’s QuickBooks!
Rachel deVitry & Elaine Lemmon, Kitchen Table Consultants

Small Wind Energy Systems for the Farm
Michael Sell & Allison Rohrs, Saint Francis University Institute for Energy

Maximizing Urban High Tunnel Function
Adrian Galbraith-Paul, Heritage Farm

Creating an Herbal Medicine Chest for Man & Beast
Susan Beal, Independent Consultant

The Key to Growing Organic Peaches
Jim Travis, Travis Organics

#EndFoodWaste – Why We All Need to Take Part
Leah Lizarondo, 412 Food Rescue

Linebreeding: Stamping Your Herd or Flock with Desirable Traits
Suzanne Nelson Karreman, Reverence Farm

Bringing Home the Beef: Direct Purchasing Bulk Meat from the Farm
Julie Hurst, Blue Rooster Farm & John Hook, Customer

Q & A with Karen Washington

MOVED: Agricultural Automation & the Future of Farm Work
This workshop has been moved to Saturday.

Regional Breakouts

These informal sessions are a great opportunity to network with other attendees from your part of PA.

Friday 3:40-5pm

Forest Farming Native Medicinal Forest Plants: An Overview
Eric Burkhart, Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center

Making Money with Pastured Swine
Jeff Mattocks, Fertrell Company

Financing for Farmland Access, Expansion, & Transition with Dirt Capital
Jacob Israelow & Benneth Phelps, Dirt Capital

Organic Integrity Panel
Tom Beddard, Lady Moon Farms; Justine Cook, PCO; Dave Mortensen, Penn State University; Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute; Drew Norman, One Straw Farm; Hannah Smith-Brubaker, PASA

2018 Food Trends to Keep Your Customers Engaged
Heather Manzo, Penn State Extension

Learning Circle: Organic Fruit Production
Tim Clymer, Threefold Farm; Michael Phillips, Holistic Orchard Network; Jim Travis, Travis Organics

Learning Circle: Navigating Key Decisions for Vegetable Farm Success
Diedre Flemming, Two Gander Farm; Jim Crawford, New Morning Farm; John Good, Good Farm

Fixing the Food & Farm System: Can the Farm Bill Help?
Juli Obudzinski, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Healthcare-Agriculture Partnerships: Exploring Benefits & Barriers
Thomas Herb, ProduceRx; Steph Pomraning, Strites’ Orchard; Jackie Swihart, Village Acres Farm; Jim Eisenstein, Jade Family Farm; Michael Scheidel, Little Peace Farm

Grafting Vegetables – Tomatoes & More
Andrew Mefferd, Growing for Market

Tools for Managing & Motivating Employees on the Farm
Chris Blanchard, Purple Pitchfork

Farming Practices in the Mountains of Switzerland
Judith Mudrak, Weston A. Price Foundation

MOVED: Home Orchard Care
This workshop has been moved to Saturday.